Kitchen Exhaust System

Bret and Rodney installing hinge kit to protect fan

Bret and Rodney installing a life time guarantee hinge kit to protect the fan during regular cleaning and maintenance.

fan on hinge keeps workers safe

Fan tilts safely on a hinge strong enough to support it’s weight, leaving ample room for cleaning and maintenance which saves time and keeps workers safe.

fire rated access doors allow better clean on some duct runs

In order to properly clean some duct runs, we need to install access doors to better clean when the duct runs takes a turn. These access doors are fire rated.

clean to the bare metal is the ultimate goal when possible

Cleaning to the bare metal is always the goal for a best job well done. In searching through the photo file of our clients kitchens, it became apparent that In the real world of cleaning kitchen exhaust systems, some circumstances dictate some outcomes.


So, instead of offering you a host of before and after photos, let’s look at what we need to consider with each new client:

Q: How old is their kitchen exhaust system, and are they the original owners?
A: Restaurant properties change hands frequently over time. They hang a new sign, but the kitchen design and installation may be dated.

Q: When was it last cleaned and by whom?
A: The certificate on the hood will tell the tale of what lurks behind the filters and into the duct run towards the fan. Over the past twenty years, we’ve learned what to expect and how to respond.

Q: Is the restaurateur requesting a quote because they failed a fire inspection?
A: Keeping a property safe and free from fire is priority number one. We work with the client to accomplish the main goal of staying in compliance.

Q: What type of food is being served and how many times do they turn their tables?
A: The sheer volume of food delivered out of the kitchen is indicative of what cleaning may be required, but their popular menu items also has great bearing on what is left behind in the exhaust system. For instance: A restaurant who mainly uses the grill for preparing foods, will notice that the oil residue will become like a varnish over time, if not properly maintained on a regular schedule.

roof ranQ: Where is the fan situated on the roof and is it safe for our men to go up and clean?
A: Some roof lines are very steep. Some are metal and therefore slippery when wet. Some fans were installed on the very edge of the roof line. Regardless of the situation, SAFETY of our men come first and for most before accepting any cleaning request. Extra precautions may be needed which will incur an additional cost.

cartoon by Bret Nichol

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* Every effort has been taken to protect the identity of our client’s kitchen.